Organisation Development

The first conversation we invite you to have is with us, to better understand what you need and develop together new possibilities and co-construct an intervention.
As Edgar Schein nicely put it, all groups and organisations, regardless of their size, must deal with two sets of problems:
Survival, growth and adaptation in their environment (Strategic Plan), and Internal integration that permits daily functioning and the ability to adapt and to learn (OD plan).

Alef ambition is to partner with client organisations, to support their Organisation Development initiatives for Change, by attending to both human and business needs.

OD Intervention

“ To intervene is to enter into an ongoing system of relationship, to come between or among persons, groups, or objects for the purpose of helping them… A intervenor […] assists a System to become more effective in problem solving, decision making and decision implementation in such a way that the system can continue to be increasingly effective in these activities and have a decreasing need for the intervenor ”

Chris Argyris, Intervention Theory and Methods, Reading, MA, Addison-Wesley, 1970

What is OD made of?


Behavioural science and disciplines such as psychology, social psychology, sociology, anthropology, system theory, organisation behaviour, organisation theory, management literature.


Organisation improvement/effectiveness and organisation health.


Total system: alignment and interface between parts


Action, plan intervention to shift the system from A to B.


Human System within the Social System.


Provide theory and methodology to system "practitioners".


Shamelessly humanistic - affirm respect for human differences, racial and social justice and life-long learning.

“ We're passionate about people's and groups differences, and we blatantly believe in the power of dialogue ”